Uploading Your Website to The Web

In this step you'll learn to place your files on your web server using FileZilla.

Uploading Your First File

Generally, your server should show a directory called WWW and / or public_html. This directory is where files will go that you want to display on your website. This, however, can be different depending on how your server is set up. If you're unsure, contact your hosting provider.

Once you're in the correct directory, you can drag / drop files from your computer to your FTP server. You'll notice 2 sections in the program. One section labeled Local site (your computer) and another called Remote site (The web server). Browse for your website files on your computer using the left screen and drag / drop those files to your web server in the right screen.

When you've uploaded your first files, visit your domain name in your web browser. You should now see those files in your browser. Congrats! You've uploaded your first files to your web server!

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