Connecting to Your Website With FileZilla (FTP)

After you've aquired a domain name and aquired web hosting, you'll need to upload your website to your hosting server before it can be viewed online.

Connect to Your Server Using FTP

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and it is used to transfer files between computers. In our case we'll be transferring between a computer and a web server. The program we recommend for FTP is FileZilla.

After you've downloaded and installed FileZilla, follow the below steps to connect to your web server and to begin uploading.

Adding a Website with FilZilla

  • Open FileZilla
  • Go to File > Site Manager
  • Click New Site and name your website.

Connecting to Your Site

Use the image below to guide you in entering your sites information. Our information assumes you're using HostGator as your web host.

Step By Step HTML

Generally the Host will be The username and password should be provided to you by your web host and is normally the same as your cPanel login. We've displayed the very basic settings in this example.

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